SOLITUDE PROJECT is a non-profit organization which aims to encourage research and experiment in the field of contemporary art, to enable an environment open to dialogue, reflection and positive debate and to offer support to the local contemporary art scene. The association develops projects that focus on the performing arts, as well as artistic residencies, research projects in the contemporary arts and the production of cultural events.

ARC Bucharest 2017—2023
Describing in movement/ Observing through embodiment - research project by Alexandra Pirici 2020
Arhitectura Fara Constructii 2016
Caminul Cultural 2011, 2015
The blessed who dwell by the garbage dump 2011
Independans Festival

Alexandra Pirici: Encyclopedia of Relations 2022
We Are All Lichens 2017
Realia (Bucharest-Beirut) 2012
Farewell! or the discrete oversights of the limbic system 2010
Stars high in Amnesia's sky 2003
Memory for sale (childhood included) 2002
You come to see the show and you get an extra burger! 2001